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10 Virtues of the Modern Age – Inspired by Alain de Botton

Ever since we were children, most of us were taught how to be polite, fair and kind to others. It is now time to start talking also about the virtues needed to succeed in our modern world.

Following are 10 traits anyone needs to lead life like a champ:

1. Resilience: Keep going, even when things are looking tough. Accept that setbacks are normal, and remember that the way we react to things is more important than the circumstances themselves. Mindset is everything. Commit to your goals, one at a time, and find ways to reach them.

2. Empathy: Have the capacity to put yourself in another person’s shoes, to empower them, yet without feeling sorry for them. Have the ability to understand the feelings and situations of others to see things from their perspectives, instead of your own.

3. Patience: Understand that things are not perfect, that things take time, and that small disturbances are inevitable. Train yourself to grow calmer by getting more realistic about how things actually tend to go.

4. Compromise: Although we’re all hardwired to seek our own advantages, accept that sometimes you will need to compromise for the sake of someone else, just like they will need to compromise for your sake, too. Life is all about interactions, and a certain level of sacrifice will often be needed.

5. Tolerance: Realize that people are different, and be willing to accept and tolerate the opinions and behavior of others, even if you disagree with them.

6. Sense of Humor: Try to see the funny sides of situations. This is an indication of wisdom. It is a sign that you can make a laugh out of circumstances that don’t necessarily go as you desire.

7. Self-awareness: Know your inner self, and avoid blaming others for your moods or troubles. Understand what’s going on inside you, and what is actually happening in the world outside you. Keep in mind that it is not outside forces that make us feel something, but our own thoughts that create our feelings and actions.

8. Forgiveness: Live at peace by forgiving others and yourself, and remember that everyone has a reason for acting the way they do. If someone knew better, they would act better.

9. Positivity: Positivity doesn’t mean being happy all the time; it means that one believes that things can get better. Keep in mind that possibilities are endless. There are always ways to figure things out. Every single day brings new opportunities.

10. Self-belief: You are what you think you are. What other people think of you is none of your business. Be confident, while being humble. Take calculated risks. Show the world what you’ve got. Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve.