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Thrive Under Pressure

Pressure is something that we all face on a continuous basis, and it can be quite overwhelming if we don’t handle it well. However, if we learn to use it to our advantage, we can thrive and become stronger people because of it. Let’s look at some analogies of things that become great under pressure:
We all know that a diamond is actually a piece of coal that has undergone a lot of pressure for it to transform into a gem. A butterfly, for example, is a caterpillar that had to stay in a cocoon before breaking free and developing beautiful wings. Moreover, a great statue is a piece of rock that was carved using a lot of effort by the hand of a sculptor. Even a flower is a seed that had to be buried under the soil before blooming into a pretty, colorful plant.

Pressure shows your true nature and what you’re made of. Are you like a potato that becomes too soft in boiling water? Or are you like an egg that develops a hard shell when it boils? The decision is yours. It is your attitude and how you respond to situations that determine who you are. Don’t be afraid of pressure. Face it with strength and patience, and know that it is the means to making you a better, more experienced person. Life is tough, but so are you! So keep going, and use pressure to shine like a diamond!