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The Universe of Uncertainty

Most of us might feel that we are entitled to getting the best out of everything all the time. It’s true that it’s logical that everybody would want what’s best, and that everyone really deserves it, but no matter what we do, we don’t always get that. Everyone wants a perfect life with a perfect job, perfect relationships, perfect health and so on, but we all know that there’s no such thing as perfect. No matter how hard we try and how much effort we put, life often brings us situations out of our control, where we might find ourselves asking, “Why me?!” We often feel that bad things might happen to other people, but not to us. We tend to feel special, and we all really are, but there are always forces bigger than all of us. We have to understand that there will always be things that we can’t control, and we have to be ready to face the most unexpected things at the most unexpected times. This is not negative thinking; this is realistic thinking. This is the mindset we should all have in order to be able to tolerate whatever surprises life sends us. We should be mentally ready for anything. Besides, it is how we handle unexpected storms that actually reveals our true character. We are all just like fairy dust in a universe of uncertainty. Don’t think you’re an exception. At the end, it’s true that you are unique, but so is everyone else! Prepare yourself to embrace whatever the universe sends you.