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I’d like to share with you seven life lessons I’ve learned that are important for everyone to keep in mind along their journey.

1. No matter how experienced you are, or how educated you are, there are always things you don’t know, and there are always new ways to grow. Life is an ever-lasting school, with unlimited room for personal development.

2. Talent and hard work are essential to complete any task, but they’re not enough on their own. Persistence is the key. Without persistence and perseverance, one can’t achieve anything or reach any goals.

3. There’s no elevator to success. One has to take the stairs. Change doesn’t happen overnight. The longer the wait, the sweeter the reward.

4. Anything might happen in life, to anyone, at the least expected moment, and change a person’s whole path. Things don’t always happen as planned, or as one assumes. One should be ready for anything at any time.

5. No one can please the whole world. The most important person you should please is yourself.

6. If you weren’t satisfied with yesterday, you should do something different today. If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.

7. Life is nothing more than what you make of it.